Cool weather won’t stop Fiesta parade campers

Early birds say lower temperatures won’t put a chill on party

Author: Myra Arthur, Reporter, Anchor,
Published On: Apr 24 2013 06:30:46 PM CDT
Cold Campers

Those who staked their claim early on a premier spot along Broadway for this weekend’s Fiesta parades say a little cool weather won’t affect their good time.

It will, however, affect their required equipment.

Joe Monreal says instead of bringing air conditioners and fans to the parades this year, he’ll bring heaters.

"Oh yeah, because some of the girls say, ‘Oh, its cold.’ But after a few beers, you know, they don’t get cold,” he laughs.

Next to Monreal’s spot, Lorenzo Gutierrez puts the finishing touches on a 20-year tradition in his family -- building a platform for 60 of his friends and family to watch the parades above the rest of the crowd.

He started working on it Tuesday night when the cold air moved into town.

“It was awesome,” said Gutierrez. “Great working conditions.”

And while many a drink will be chilled in time for the festivities, the weather won’t put his party on ice.

“No, never, never,” Gutierrez said. “This is San Antonio. The party goes on forever here."

Diehard Joe Rebo has been sleeping along the parade route since Monday and agrees that the cool down is no problem.

“It got pretty cold. But I was pretty good. I was behind the tarp and everything. I had my bed in there," said Rebo.

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