Bexar County Commissioners Tuesday approved a plan to make major upgrades to the AT&T Center.

The Spurs Sports & Entertainment group will pay $6 million to upgrade the building’s Wi-Fi and wireless capabilities, enhancing the fan experience at live events..

“The iPhone started in ‘05, ‘06, ’07, since then we have seen a tremendous outlay in technology and speed,” said the group’s vice president and general counsel Bobby Perez. “We live in the Instagram world and you see those types of changes come across every new facility in the country. All new facilities, all older cities, are retrofitting so they can have the latest and greatest. We need to be able to serve all of our customers that come into the building.”

Perez said the changes are due in part to feedback from fans who wanted more interactivity and faster downloads during Spurs games and concerts.

“That’s what we’re going towards and moving to implement,” said Perez.

The group would like to start making the upgrades as soon as possible with the hopes of rolling them out this spring.

Perez said the Wi-Fi upgrades will benefit fans regardless of their cell phone provider.

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