The race for Bexar County judge is heating up as the primary election nears.

Democratic Bexar County judge Nelson Wolff is again calling on Democratic challenger Tommy Adkisson to release email correspondence between the commissioner and activist and toll road opponent Terri Hall from several years ago.

Wolff questions the emails, suggesting that sensitive county business was discussed with Hall.

“If this continues to hold up the media, the public, will never know a lot of the business we’re doing is we simply conduct that business on our private emails,” Wolff said. ”It’s just not good public policy.”

Wolff has launched an Internet campaign urging voters to demand that Adkisson release the emails.

The issue is currently on appeal before the 3rd Court of Appeals and Adkisson said it should be allowed to work it’s way through the court system.

He claims Wolff’s efforts are purely political.

“This is just a deflection strategy on the part of Judge Wolff to get the focus off his big time support of toll roads,” Adkisson said.

Republican challenger Carlton Soules suggested the campaign deal with more critical issues.

“I think that there are more important things to talk about,” Soules said. “We’ve got a lot of issues to face and we’re talking about emails?”

“Transparency in government is an issue," Wolff said.

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