In June 2011, a traumatic brain injury changed the life of Jeff and Casey Bachus. A four-wheeler accident left Jeff living in the hospital for three months, then he rehabbed for another six.

"I kind of went through a grieving process of knowing the future that I had expected and the life we had planned together was never going to happen," said Jeff's wife Casey.

Casey went from a wife to a full time caregiver.

"I ended up quitting my job to be able to stay (at the hospital) and take care of him, and once he stayed home he still needed constant supervision." Casey said.

The life changing event left Casey looking for an outlet. She began blogging and writing a book about her experiences.

"I wrote this book to help other people through a similar situation. Whether it's a brain injury or any kind of traumatic event that they had in their lives of, just the struggle that you go through with that," said Casey.

Jeff beat the odds, despite doctors telling him he would never be the same.

Casey now hopes her book will inspire other in her situation.