On Thursday night, thousands of CPS Energy customers were without power and on Friday, less than 50 people were in the dark.

Some of the last residents to get their power back on were in Selma.

On Friday evening, Selma resident Jim Hill said it was a welcome sight to see CPS crews out and working to get the power back on.

"I know these guys have been working hard and a had a lot of emergencies," said Hill. "And they had a big crew working on it, but it looks like it will be warmer tonight."

Residents on Alton Road in Selma said they've been without power for more than 24 hours and have been trying to make the best out of a very uncomfortable situation.

Gabriel Galvan said they've been using candles to find their way around and their fireplace to keep warm and to cook.

"I cooked in the fireplace this morning with mesquite and oak," said Galvan.

CPS officials say the holdup is due to issues with the step-down transformer, which is a piece of equipment used to lower the voltage for residences and commercial buildings.

However, Brian Perez said this outage was extremely tough on his 82-year-old grandmother and he's hoping it doesn't happen again.

"Hopefully, CPS gets a hold of something different because there's no reason that the power should be out more than at least six hours, no reason," said Perez. "Twelve hours is acceptable, but 24 hours, definitely not."

As of Friday night, there were about 40 customers left without power, but CPS crews have been working around the clock to bring customers back on slowly, in small batches, to minimize overloading the equipment.