Scammers are using a number of new ways to try and profit off of CPS Energy customers, the company says.

The scams can come in the form of a phone call or an email.

Sometimes, the scammers even show up to your front door.

"(One) is to get people to buy prepaid credit cards,” said CPS Energy spokesman Albert Cantu. "(Would-be scammers) tell them that they need to make a check out right away as soon as they’re on the property. The other thing is asking them to come out of their home to take a look at some of the work that we are doing while another guy is on the backside of the house getting in and ripping them off."

Cantu said scammers are targeting some more than others.

"It’s mostly small businesses that are getting attacked at this point. We do see a couple of residential folks that will get a phone call usually, or somebody approaching their home,” Cantu said.

CPS Energy is asking their customers to be aware, know what to look for and use common sense.

A list of the most commonly used scams can also be found online.

"We want our customers to visit our website. On our website we have the latest scam alerts. We'll also have our Facebook account so if you don't follow us on Facebook, it's a good idea to follow us because then those scam alerts are also put up,” Cantu said.