San Antonio’s highways are wide open to cars and trucks, but when it comes to the type of traffic without wheels—pedestrians-- there is absolutely no room.

That’s the central message of a new public service announcement, produced by the San Antonio Police Department in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation.

"A lot of people don't have a vehicle and they do depend on having to walk to their destination, but the highway is not the place to walk across, " said Laura Lopez, spokeswoman for TxDOT.

The message is delivered by way of a dramatic, attention-grabbing 30-second spot.

An actress portraying a teen who has been killed is seen standing in a cemetery, staring at the camera while a narrator details how she lost her life, crossing a highway.

The scene was shot in black and white.

Later, other actors portraying her distraught family members are seen hugging one another and crying.

The spot ends with a brief reminder from SAPD Chief William McManus to “Walk Safe San Antonio,” the name of the ad campaign.

"We ask people to please take the time to walk to the appropriate crosswalk to get to the other side of the roadway," Lopez said, stressing that the alternative could have deadly consequences.

One of the most recent examples is a  man who was hit and killed Feb. 17 while crossing Loop 410 near Austin Highway.

Lopez said while walking to a crosswalk may take longer, it can prevent a life from being cut short.

The PSA is one of five put together by SAPD.

You can view them on the “Crime Fighters” page.