San Antonio police have issued these tips for keeping you, your family and your valuables safe this holiday season:



·         Shop with someone, not alone

·         Purses and wallets.  Don’t leave them unattended, even for a minute

·         Don’t carry a lot of money

·         Put cash, credit cards, identification in different places or pockets

·         If rushing, still be aware of surroundings

·         Never leave children alone in store, car.

·         If children get lost, tell them to find police officer or cashier

·         ATM machine, keep in mind people can be watching




·         Park in well-lit area

·         Always lock doors

·         Drive with windows closed

·         Use any anti-theft device like alarm, steering wheel lock, kill switch

·         Hide valuables, bags

·         Don’t leave children in cars




·         Don’t put gifts/tree at window

·         Hide valuables if you’re having a party