Detectives at the San Antonio Police Department are noticing a trend in robberies around town and they're calling them "app crimes."

That's where the crooks will use apps on phones or websites to lure victims into thinking they are getting a really good deal on high-end electronics like iPads or iPhones.

Roger Zuniga with the San Antonio Police Department said that's when people can run into trouble.

"If someone is selling something that seems to good to be true, it probably is," said Zuniga. "A lot of people get so enticed with the offer, 'Oh my God, I can get this at a low price,' that's when you really have to think twice about it. Is this a really good offer or am I just being duped?"

Police said crooks will post a bargain, like an iPad for $50 and for the most part, victims will take the bait.

However, detectives are reporting that sometimes victims of these crimes will initially try to do the right thing by meeting at a public place, but at the last minute, the crook will call them and tell them to meet somewhere else, catching them off guard.

"Always be cautious if someone changes stuff up on you," said Zuniga. "That should be a red flag and if you are going to meet at a public place, make sure you go inside the building, not outside in the parking lot."

Police report that crooks have been luring their victims into parking lots of apartment complexes, some off Eisenhauer and Goldfield, and robbing them.
Zuniga said one way to avoid this is pick a location and stick with it. Also, don't go alone.

"Take someone with you," said Zuniga. "If you have high-dollar merchandise, maybe you don't have it with you, but maybe have someone bring it to you later on if everything seems to be OK as far as the business transaction."

Zuniga said when meeting at a public place, try to meet during the day and bring your cellphone.

Also, write down the phone numbers of the person you are doing business with just in case your phone is stolen.