A fiery crash caused the Culebra Meat Market in the 2000 block of Austin Highway to go up in flames early Monday morning.

Investigators said a driver barreled his car through the storefront around 1:30 a.m., causing the SUV the to burst into flames.

When emergency crews arrived, the driver was nowhere to be found and the store was badly damaged.

On Monday morning, workers boarded the entrance to the store as the owner surveyed the damage, trying to make sense of it all.

The owner said the store is insured but every day it's closed will mean money lost during a profitable time of year.

He was also worried about  the 20 employees who work there. He hoped to transfer them to another store so they won't be out of work during the holiday season.

The owner hopes to reopen as soon as possible but it knows it will take some time.

Meanwhile, San Antonio police continue to search for the person responsible.

The SUV and the license plate left behind could put them at an advantage in finding the suspect.

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