The Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio began classes on Monday with a new curriculum designed for those with a sweet tooth for the bakery and pastry arts.

Under the guidance of Chef Alain Dubernard, 22 students will start learning to become better bakers.

“We need bakers and we need pastry chefs," said Alain Dubernard, who has nearly 35 years of experience of being a bakery and pastry chef.

The 21-month class will teach techniques and the various ways to get around the kitchen.

"There are a lot of complex things that go into baking that I really want to learn about," said Nicholas Shaw, baker and Pastry Arts student.

“There is a science to it. You have to be precise (and) make sure everything comes out right," said Paulina McDonald, another student.

Dubernard wants his students to fill the vacancy that exists because of too few professional bakers and pastry chefs around Texas.  

He is not looking to change the cuisine of Texans -- just enhance it.

“What we teach doesn’t mean we are going to change the pecan pie. We are going to take ordinary things and we are going to make them extraordinary," Dubernard said.

The program will also offer an opportunity to students to live out some lifelong dreams.

Shaw, 18, said it was something he wanted since he was a kid.

"Not too many guys like to bake. They are more into grilling and frying, but I love baking,”he said. “I want to become a famous chocolatier or baker in France."

“I want to open up my own bakery -- maybe back in Houston -- or possibly here," said McDonald.

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