No cigars or cigarettes on the shelf at CVS drug stores. The company is pulling tobacco products from its more than 7,600 drug stores nationwide. Phasing out cigarettes, cigars and tobacco will be expensive, costing the chain about $2 billion.

But CVS says it's the only way to focus more on providing better health care services. Some patrons of the popular drugstore say it will definitely affect the way they shop.

For Roosevelt Burton and his wife, shopping at CVS meant one-stop shopping. They say not any more after learning the drugstore will stop selling tobacco products by October.

“If they don't want to sell what you want to buy, then don't buy nothing there,” said Burton.

CVS Caremark said the bold move is to build better business relations with doctors hospitals and other health care providers. Some patrons, like Trevor Davis, believe it’s a great idea.

“I feel that it's good in theory but it's going to cut their sales because a lot of people do smoke and it's a big industry,” said Davis.

“Family  Dollar and Dollar General are selling tobacco products now so are they going to continue to sell alcohol?” said Crystal Moreno, a CVS customer.

No word yet on what  will replace the tobacco products. What CVS officials are saying is that they'll test out some new products and probably expand products on how to kick the bad habit of smoking.

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