Daughter accuses Crockett Hotel of negligence in mother's death

Gloria Rodriguez fell six stories down elevator shaft

By Matt Rivers

SAN ANTONIO - The family of a 65-year-old hotel housekeeper said Thursday they are heartbroken and outraged over the way she died.

Police said at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Gloria Rodriguez called for a service elevator on the sixth floor of the Crockett Hotel. But when the doors opened, the elevator apparently wasn't there, and Gloria fell to her death.

Hotel officials said the incident was an accident, but the victim's daughter disagrees.

"It's no accident, there was negligence here," said Sara Ochoa, Rodriguez's daughter.

Rodriguez, who also works at the hotel, said the elevator had been having problems, including an incident last week where an employee was trapped for an hour.

"Now tell me, why didn't they have the signs on the elevator not to use?" Rodriguez said.

Hotel officials wouldn't comment on the incident Thursday, but a hotel and a police report indicate the elevators had been serviced and were up to date.

The family is considering legal action, but said nothing will bring back the woman they loved so much.

"My mom was beautiful, loving, and caring. I'm not going to see her anymore," Ochoa said. "Why does this happen to good people?"

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