Many jurors turned their heads away from the giant courtroom TV screen after a brief glance.

Displayed on the screen were sexually explicit pictures of nude children.

They were among the state’s evidence against David Wayne Loven.

Loven, 60, is facing 90 counts of child sex offences.

They include super aggravated sexual assault of a child, sexual performance of a child, indecency with a child and possession of child pornography.

If he is convicted, Loven faces a penalty range of from 25 years to life in prison without the possibility of parole on the super aggravated sexual assault of a child charge. The other charges could mean even more prison time.

Det. Wesley Ross, the lead detective in the investigation, characterized the pictures as “disturbing, to say the least,” as he testified on Thursday.

In addition to the pictures and articles of little girl’s clothing, detectives seized a computer tower and digital camera from Loven’s Wayside Street home in January 2012.

The pictures will be not only be used in Loven’s case but also as part of a nationwide search for additional child pornography suspects.

“I have no way of knowing if those images are already out there on the internet,” said San Antonio police Det. Anthony Smith. “They may have already been published by the defendant.”

At the outset of his trial, Loven plead not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyer explained that his mind was damaged as a young man following the murder-suicide of his parents.

Testimony will continue on Friday in Judge Maria Teresa Herr’s 186th District Court.

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