An Alamo Heights panel decided to delay a recommendation on a controversial mixed-use development.

The Alamo Heights planning and zoning commission reviewed a plan Monday evening to build a new commercial and residential space at the corner of Broadway and Austin Highway.

The Alamo Heights Gateway Project is slated to be a 55-foot tall mixed-use development made up of 165 apartment units with up to 5,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor below. Critics said the structure won't fit in and will negatively affect Alamo Heights city services, traffic and local schools.

The architect on the project, Overland Partners, said it has decreased the size of the project to fit the city's restrictions that were approved by voters in 2009. "We've seen just a rapid decline in our commercial core and we need, desperately need, a catalyst that will change that tide, that will bring new life," said Rick Archer with Overland Partners.

The Alamo Heights planning and zoning commission decided to wait until next month's meeting before making any recommendations to the city council.  The council is expected to vote sometime after that on whether to move forward with the Gateway Project.