Another pet seized from dog torture suspect

Herlinda Trigo, 44, is charged with animal cruelty

Author: Katrina Webber, Reporter,
Published On: Jul 02 2012 04:58:32 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 02 2012 02:25:36 PM CDT
Herlinda Trigo

Animal Care Services has seized at least one other pet from the home of a woman accused of torturing her dog by dragging it to death.

Herlinda Trigo, 44, was arrested last Wednesday on a charge of animal cruelty involving torture.

According to a police report, a witness called 911 after noticing Trigo driving along SW 34th Street with the dog tied to her bumper. The man told police after he drove up next to Trigo and told her about the dog, she cussed at him and sped off.

The report said at that point, the man saw the animal’s neck snap and body go limp.

Officers later stopped Trigo, who driving near SW 36th Sreet. and Old Highway 90, and questioned her about the dog. The report states that she told them she made a mistake, that she had tied up the dog after it had puppies.

It said she also led them to a grassy field on Fortuna Road where she had disposed of the dead dog.

The story apparently struck a nerve with KSAT viewers, who’ve sent numerous emails to the station since it aired.

One viewer named “Dawn” wrote that she was “horrified” by what happened. Another named “Marcia” wondered why Trigo had been released from jail after posting only a $2,000 bond. They and several other people inquired about the welfare of the dog’s puppies.

Lisa Norwood, spokeswoman for Animal Care Services, said an ACS officer visited Trigo’s home late Friday and took custody of one of the puppies.

She said Trigo willingly handed over the puppy, which appears to be suffering from parasites and other problems.

Norwood said as for the rest of the puppies in litter, Trigo told officers “they didn’t make it.”

During a visit to Trigo’s home Monday morning, a KSAT 12 news crew spotted at least one other adult dog still on the property.

Those who know her describe Trigo as an animal lover.

Her mother, Mercedes Rodriguez, said she was shocked to find out about the charges.

However, she said Trigo has been under a lot of stress lately, dealing with health and money problems, as well as the death of a loved one.