Defenders Blog: Help for Needy Houses

It's time for spring cleaning. The Defenders help you clean out, and clean up.

Author: Shari St. Clair, Special Projects Producer,
Published On: Mar 27 2013 04:38:32 PM CDT
Tips to Selling your home

Spring cleaning is the time many people like to get those outdoor projects done.

You know, the projects you've been putting off all winter.

It's time to clean out, and clean up.

But for some San Antonio residents, even basic home improvement chores are out of reach.  Maybe it’s too expensive to buy the paint, or the repair wood, or perhaps they just can’t physically do the work.   That’s where some local agencies step in to help.   Some of these agencies do the work for free, others on a sliding scale. 

But we wanted to give you this information in case you, or someone you know, needs home repair help.  We’re not involved in these agencies, we’re just passing along their contact information, hoping it will help those who need it.

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