Long time resident of the the Coliseum Willow Park Neighborhood, Brett Carter, called the KSAT Defenders last summer about 418 Edna Avenue, an abandoned home a couple doors down.

Within 24 hours of KSAT contacting the city, the house was demolished.

Now, the neighborhood focus is on 430 Edna Avenue, another vacant home that has residents concerned.

"An empty house breeds contempt because vagrants easily come and enter that home," said homeowner Wray Hood.

"It's running down, the side of the house is falling apart," said Carter. "We never know if somebody might come vandalize it or tag it or burn it, anything."

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According to Carter, it has been nine years since the owners of 430 Edna moved out, and he's hoping another nine years won't go by before the city resolves the problem.

"They said they were gonna do something with it last year, but they still haven't done anything at all," Carter said.

City officials told the KSAT Defenders they would need six months to give the owner due process. Seven months later, the home is still standing, arguably even more dilapidated than before.

"Our goal is to work with the citizens and try to give them not only due process but also the opportunity to fix and repair the structure and that's what the owner or the heir to the owner indicated he wanted to do," said San Antonio Development Services Dept. Assistant Director, Michael Shannon.

He also reported the city has issued a list of repairs to the heir of the deceased.

"We believe it's a violation of the property maintenance code," said Shannon. "There are issues with the roof, the exterior walls, the exterior of the property in terms of high weeds and grass and this type of thing."

The owner has failed to complete the list of repairs requested by the city, so the case is scheduled to go before the Building Standards Board on April 4, where they will likely order repairs or demolition.

If the property is ordered demolished, it would happen within thirty days barring an appeal.

If it is ordered repaired, the board could allow anywhere between two weeks and six months to get the work done.

Images: Edna house

Published On: Mar 19 2013 06:57:34 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 19 2013 06:58:02 PM CDT

A vacant house on the city's east side has residents concerned. It has been nine years since the owners of the home moved out, and one resident is hoping the city steps in to resolve a problem.

Edna house
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