Parents warn of daycare pitfalls

Parents say child was injured at Buttons 'n' Bows on Huebner Road

Author: Brian Mylar, Reporter,
Published On: May 18 2012 05:26:47 AM CDT   Updated On: May 18 2012 04:41:35 PM CDT

Leaving babies, toddlers and small children at child care centers and hoping they will be safe is a worry parents face everyday. 

Recently a complaint was filed about a San Antonio daycare center by parents who had a bad experience. Christian and Alicia Barnett’s son Matthew is 3-years-old. 

His parents admit he is a little hyper but say he was anything but that one day after he was picked up from daycare.

"Matthew's sitting on the ground holding his arm, crying," said Christian Barnett
He was injured at Buttons 'n' Bows on Huebner Road. 

A report states that the boy threw himself on the ground while being led to time out by the wrist by the teacher.

The report states the teacher tightened her grip as the boy fell to the floor and he hurt his wrist.

An x-ray showed soft tissue damage but no break and Matthew’s wrist was put in a protective device. His parents were not happy with the school's response.

"Miss Trevino, who is the owner, had stated that it is our fault because I am raising an aggressive son," said Alicia Barnett.

"I think that the teachers need to be trained on how to discipline children," said Christian Barnett. 

Alicia Trevino, the owner of Buttons ‘n’ Bows did not dispute that the boy was injured.

"Her child did hurt himself pulling away," said Trevino. But she said the teacher prevented more serious injury by hanging on to the child and preventing a head injury.

A state investigation found the teacher had no role in the allegation of abuse.

But the state did find she used poor judgment and should have used positive methods of discipline.

"We have beautiful personnel that love the children and are patient and caring," Trevino said.

The state, however, reports that the daycare did not report this incident as required and there may be sanctions.

Mary Walker of Child Protective Services said Buttons ‘n’ Bows has faced warnings about other problems as well.

"Coupled with this particular issue we've sent them a letter, a warning letter if you will," Walker said.

As to minimum standards that letter reads “your failure to meet that responsibility may result in remedial action.” The center is challenging some findings.

On the state's website parents can search Texas Child Care and find that Buttons 'n' Bows was cited for 66 deficiencies in two years.

Parents are advised to start there before putting their babies in the care of someone else. Click here to go to the state’s website.