A local woman said she was promised big paychecks from a nationwide marketing company but ended up spending thousands of dollars instead.

The State of Texas took action against Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, but the company is still recruiting members in San Antonio.

The company bills itself as a leader in the direct selling industry, where members show integrity, respect and responsibility.

Yvonne Day said she was lured in with the promise of big bucks.

"(An employee) showed me a paycheck for $7,800. And (the employee is) 24 years old." To get that money, Day said she found herself buying products and recruiting other members.

"You had to buy points, which basically were products," Day said. "So they wanted you to get a Dish satellite, They wanted you to get a vitamin, they wanted you to get a cell phone."

She said she was determined to get to the top of the organization.

"I was rocking," Day said. "I signed up over 200 people. I knew the kind of money i was getting ready to make." But the paycheck never came.

Now, the Texas Attorney General's office has investigated the company's deceptive trade practices and allegations that the firm operated an illegal pyramid scheme.

In a settlement the company agreed to refund $1.3 million to Texas customers, pay the attorney general's office $200,000 and change their business practices.

Day is angry that the company is still operating in Texas and recruiting members all over the state.

She said those who want those refunds have only until November 28th to apply."

The Better Business Bureau has given the company a D+ rating, citing 70 complaints and actions by the states of North Dakota and Montana. Day wants to warn potential customers.

"People like me and many, many others are being hurt," Day said. "I'm out at least $60,000 just out of pocket."

In an emailed statement, the company said: "Of course we do not agree with Yvonne Day's claims. Over a year ago she filed litigation pending in our home state of Kentucky where the parties are continuing to litigate. We thus believe it highly inappropriate for parties in a civil action to address matters related to the litigation in the media."

For more information about the settlement click on the link: Notice of Settlement Procedures for State of Texas v. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing