In the 8000 block of Tesoro on the north side of San Antonio, there is a business park that houses an IRS office and numerous trees in the parking lot.

It is easy to overlook the two flag poles in the middle of the trees, and even more difficult to see the flags. 

"I couldn't even notice the flags when I came in because they're all hidden in the trees," said visitor Yancy Vega.          

The Texas flag and the American flag are not just hidden in the trees, they are both snagged and bound by the branches, which forces the flags to fly at half-staff.

"Honestly, I think it's kind of disrespectful, since this is a government office," Vega said.

"We are a military town. We should be proud for all the military that live here and work here and serve our country," said Kerry Vega.

When KSAT reported the flags to Cotter & Sons Property Management, spokeswoman Brandy Dove said she was both appalled and apologetic.

"I am so sorry. I had no idea. I'm a fairly new property manager and I did not know about it," Dove said.

She also explained the property had been previously undermanaged.

"It just got overlooked and now that I'm here and I'm really trying to clean up the properties, it's something you brought to my attention and I want to get it taken care of right away," Dove said.

Dove lowered the flags and removed them from the poles within minutes of KSAT pointing them out, careful not to let them touch the ground.

"I'd like them to be bigger and (get) the trees trimmed around them so you can actually see them and (they can) stand proud," Vega said.

Dove said she would like to see the same and plans to make it her priority.

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