POTEET, Texas -

A Poteet resident said she had concerns about some 9-inch-by-9-inch brown tiles at the Poteet Public Library.

"I saw it underneath these children's computers, all over where people walk a lot, it was cracked, it was peeling up," said Carol Merchant.

According to a 2011 inspection, the tiles contain asbestos.

What is more concerning to Merchant is that the tiles are chipped and broken.

"There are people that work in there every day. But it's not just that. There are young children that go in there; pregnant women (who) go in there -- a lot of people are going in there," Merchant said.

Merchant reported to the State Health Services Department.

Following their inspection of the library, the health department sent an email to Poteet City Manager Scott Moore, noting there were floor tiles that are broken and in poor condition.

The health inspector also requested an asbestos management plan be submitted within 90 days.

"We're going to have a couple options: either to remove it or cover it. But at some point, we're going have to end up removing it in the future, so I'm going to look at both see what's cost effective," said Moore.

Moore said he is going to make it a priority.

The KSAT Defenders asked why he hadn't done so sooner.

"I can't speak for previous administrations," he said.

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