A former strip club on the northeast side of the city is topless itself.

The roof of the Playmates Gentleman's Club collapsed when the building caught fire in June 2013.

"So it's an open structure and it's been exposed to the weather," said Rod Sanchez, director of the city's Development Services. "A lot of water has been falling in on the floor. The floor is not built to be a roof."

"Every time I drive by this, it drives me crazy," said Cindy Alexander, who lives near the building. "The warped metal ... the burned out, old nasty sign."

Broken glass, shingles and trash litter the ground outside the club. Graffiti covers some parts of the exterior and its front awning is torn.

The building has been vacant since 2006. Since then, the city's Code Enforcement has issued nine violations to the owner of the property, Victor Njakou.

Those violations include "high weeds, the building has been unsecure, trash and debris on the property," said Sanchez.

Sanchez adds that most of those issues were resolved by Njakou, but twice the city had to fix the problems.

Njakou paid the city $319.36 after Code Enforcement "secured and mowed the overgrown vegetation" in Februrary 2010. Code Enforcement will bill him $852 for having "secured, cleaned and mowed overgrown vegetation" in November 2013.

KSAT-12 tried contacting Njakou and received a call from his attorney, Jim Deegear.

Deegear says Njakou is trying to refurbish Playmates, but the down economy has kept him from doing so, in part.

There is also some confusion among engineers hired by Njakou and city inspectors about what needs to be done to keep the building standing, Deegear adds.

At a hearing Feb. 27, Code Enforcement's Building Standards Board is expected to recommend the old strip club be leveled.

"We've looked at it and at this point we just don't believe it's safe to continue to stand up," said Sanchez. "So we're recommending demolition."

"I think it gives a bad name to the whole neighborhood," Alexander said. "It gives the idea that there's nobody here that cares."

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