CPS Energy has announced a plan to trim the incentive bonuses it awards employees.

According to the new structure, the company’s new Employee Incentive Plan would result in 25 percent less bonus money, would be tied to both individual and corporate performance -- not just corporate -- and would result in $4 million in savings that would go to bill assistance for low income customers and begin Feb. 1.

CPS Energy Spokeswoman Lisa Lewis said the changes result from comments the utility has received from its customers.

"We have heard the community,” Lewis said. “They're very concerned about it."

But Lewis said CPS Energy still believes the incentives make it a better performing utility.

"(Incentivizing) employees to perform has been proven helpful for us,” Lewis said. “We've had the two best consecutive years of performance in the last two years."

CEO Doyle Beneby’s incentive pay is part of his contract as approved by the board, and different from the Employee Incentive Plan.

In the last round of incentives announced, Jelynne LeBlanc Burley got CPS Energy's top bonus, raking in $97,080 on top of her $300,000 salary.

Following her were Carolyn Shellman, with an $89,612.93 bonus, and Cristopher Eugster, with $85,608.38.

All this comes after CPS Energy has been under heavy criticism by its customers for the mistakes it’s made. Some customers have complained they received no bills, some received multiple bills, others received estimated bills.

Last month, Maria Salas complained to the KSAT 12 Defenders about her CPS Energy bill of more than $1,200.

Come to find out, her bill had been estimated for months and then her meter was read wrong.

"I told them I've been with CPS over 20 years and I've never had a bill over $300," Salas said.

CPS Energy hopes the cuts in bonuses will show the community its listening.

Lewis said CPS Energy is now reading 99 percent of all meters and contacting the other 1 percent to let them know their bill may be estimated.

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