The $17.3 million Jones Maltsberger Bond Project was to include the widening of the road to five lanes with sidewalks and additional drainage.

Completed in December 2012, the master plan has eased congestion and includes landscaping with artistic enhancements.

"The medians look good, the landscaping around the new bridges that were put in and also the art projects as far as different colorings and art projects that they put in with different color gravel, looks very nice," said area resident Lynne Perry.

Thousands of dollars went into landscaping the medians along Jones Maltsberger from Thousand Oaks to Redland Road, but today only a handful of the trees that were planted are still green.

"My only problem is the trees that they put in probably a couple dozen, most of them are either dead or dying, and nobody has sustained them," Perry said.

Perry would like to see alternative types of landscaping that doesn't require as much maintenance or better irrigation.

"Sadly now, there are trees that are absolutely dead, so even a bunch of water is not going to help them," Perry said.

Public Relations Manager for Capital Improvements Management Services Department, Melissa Sparks said the contractor was responsible for irrigating the trees until they were established in December of 2012.

Additionally the contractor is responsible for maintenance under a warranty until the end of 2013.

"We're having the contractor right now look at the trees so they know and we know which trees are in disrepair right now and which need to be replaced," Sparks said.

Hoping for cooler weather and a better planting season, Sparks said they've got their eye on October and hopes for a better irrigation system to maintain what they end up having to replace.

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