Rey Flores' backyard on the city's Northwest Side was a torrent of raging water during San Antonio's last big rainfall.

Flores lives near the bottom of a hill and the river of water from above flowed through and under fences, bringing debris and sending water into his shed and garage.

"I was waking up and thinking that I was on a boat," Flores said.

Normally his yard is a quiet, rural oasis where he keeps his dog and a couple of chickens and a giant grill and smoker where he smokes beef, chicken and ribs.

After the big rain, however, he is smoking mad about the runoff he has now witnessed several times.

Flores said he has talked to the city before about the problem but that nothing has been done.

"I worry about property values and the fact that if I were to sell my home, how do I do that if I've got a river flowing through my backyard," Flores asked.

The KSAT 12 Defenders contacted the city about Flores' situation.

After that, the Public Works Department conducted two field visits at the home where they looked at the elevation contours of the area.

April Alcoser, spokeswoman for Public Works, said the department determined Flores' house is a low spot.

"It's really just rain that's falling onto the adjacent property owners and going downhill," Alcoser said.

But Public Works did identify one problem officials believe contributes to the water backing up in Flores' backyard. That problem is a low wall Flores' downhill neighbor has built.

Alcoser said the city is now taking action. "We are working with that resident, that property owner to see what we can do to make some adjustments to alleviate that ponding water in his backyard," Alcoser said.

Flores has his doubts about the solution, but hopes rushing water scenes in his backyard can be avoided in the future.

Public Works now says the neighbor has taken down the wall dividing the two properties. 

Councilman Cris Medina's office said this situation is why more money is needed for drainage improvements and that curbs and sidewalks will be added to that area next year.

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