The KSAT 12 Defenders stepped in to get help for a homeowner who was worried about sagging power lines.

The backyard utility pole was definitely leaning when the Defenders visited Kimberly Chiscano’s house in Olmos Park. Chiscano had complained that wires from the pole were dangling dangerously close to her house.

"It goes right over my children's room," Chiscano said. "Wires (are) touching our house on the roof."

There were wires from other utilities, but it was the power lines that Chiscano said were her biggest concern.

She said she called CPS Energy last year about the problem and the utility company has dragged its feet.

"It really concerns me that that they see this and don't care I have been on them 24/7," Chiscano said. “I would say at least 100 different people have been out here.”

She said there was also a pipe in the ground with wires that looked charred and other unexplained utility devices.

The KSAT 12 Defenders called CPS Energy and within a few days, crews were at Chiscano’s house to install a new fiberglass utility pole. CPS Energy Spokeswoman Christine Patmon said properties like Chiscano’s pose unique problems.

"We actually went out there three times and pulled the slack in the wire,” Patmon said. “And then we got to a point of where we said, 'OK,we need to just go ahead and put a service pole in. There is no easement back there that will allow us to go in and do that easily.'"

With no utility easement, neighbors had to allow a crew in their backyard and the crew that had to hand-dig a hole for the new fiberglass pole.

"We ended up going through the neighbors' yard, got the neighbors' permission to go in through their yard,” Patmon said. “(They) allowed us to go in and put the pole in section by section because it was difficult to get in there with a 45-foot-long pole."

That pole is now installed and other utility work has been done to make the area safer.

Here is a link to CPS Energy's service request webpage.

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