A website that advertises jobs with the U.S. Postal Service and charges a fee has drawn the ire of one KSAT viewer and does not have the support of the postal service.

The Postal Job Placement site appears to be operated by the government. It lists the number of entry-level jobs, the salary and has a picture of postal vehicles.

Chris Trejo is looking for work and thought a career with the postal service might just be the answer so he was excited about the site.

"I clicked on it, I checked it out," Trejo said.

Then he watched a video on the site and heard the woman in the video talking about fees.

“To register a refundable deposit is required,” the woman in the video said. “This deposit is fully refunded back to you after you take the exam. The refundable deposit is $70 or three installments of $25 each.”

"That was a red flag to me when they said a refundable check,” Trejo said. “That you would need to send in money."

He said he would not even expect the cash-strapped postal service to ask for money.

"I know the government is kind of hard up for cash, but I don't think they're that hard up," Trejo said.

He posted a question about it on and then emailed the Defenders.

Becky Hernandez, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service, confirmed that it does not charge any kind of fee, refundable or not, to fill out a job application.

"We don't charge a fee and we don't endorse anyone who does because you can get all that information free on our website," Hernandez said. “Every now and then, you'll see an advertisement in the newspaper sometimes or classifieds and they'll also say that, but USPS doesn't charge at all.”

That does not mean websites like that do not provide information that could benefit job-seekers.

However, Hernandez said if people want to work on the streets for the postal service or behind the counter, they can get that information free from

"You'll get a list of jobs that are available and we update them constantly so people should check if they really are interested."

Consumer advocates say the best advice is that if there is any kind of fee associated with a job application, it is probably a scam.

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