The KSAT Defenders were called after a street corner just north of downtown was flooded with a pool of dye on Aug. 16.

"We had a vehicle from a local transport company ... transporting one of these 55-gallon drums of blue dye. Unfortunately, one of those drums did spring a leak and one of those drums emptied out," said San Antonio Fire Department spokesman Christian Bove.

The corner at Seguin and Roper was hit the hardest, but the residue trailed several blocks around the area near I-35 and North New Braunfels.

"It's a blue dye (that's) used in Porta Potties. It's also used in different cleaning products and laundry detergent," Bove said.

Following the spill, it rained, further spreading the dye into a ditch, raising questions about the safety of the dye.

"It's kind of scary because they're not giving us any answers if it's OK or if it's gotten in the drinking water or anything like that," said nearby resident Richard Garcia.

The fire department reports the material is non-toxic and that there is absolutely no danger to the environment or people in the area.

It may have been deemed non-hazardous, but it is at the least an eye-sore that has the potential to damage cars driving by.

"It's getting on our vehicles when we pass by and we just want some answers. We want to know what can be done about this or what's going to be done about this," Garcia said.

"The fire department's hazardous materials response team responded and we did apply water to the scene and wiped down the material and also applied an absorbent with the city's Department of Public Works. They came out with their street-sweepers as well," Bove said.

That was the initial response. In the two weeks that followed, the company responsible failed to clean up.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality investigated and found the dye to be non-hazardous.

After a series of calls to and from the city, the public works department assured the Defenders, the streets will be power-washed by the city, if not the company.

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