Months of accumulated trash from Northeast Baptist Hospital is the focus of a KSAT Defenders investigation.

Alan Rice bought a private residential lot in the area last year. At first glance, it is picture perfect, but traverse the brush and tall trees and you'll find layers of trash toward the back.

"I was going to clean up because I saw a little bit, but as things were becoming more and more exposed, I realized how big the issue was," Rice said.

On the other side of the fence is the parking lot of the Northeast Baptist Hospital with dumpsters that line up along the fence.

"There's been fast food trash, beer bottles (and) Coke bottles, Coke cans, that sort of thing," Rice said.

He also noticed blue gloves a few months back, which prompted a call to hospital administration.

"Three hospital representatives came down to walk the property with me and said, 'Oh yeah, we'll get right on it. We'll get it cleaned up.' (But) nothing ever happened," Rice said.

Within days of the KSAT Defenders' call to Ashley Cardenas at Northeast Baptist Hospital, crews have accomplished three days worth of clean up.

Cardenas said in addition to clean-up and fence repair, a filter has been ordered to keep future debris out of the storm drainage system.

"As the hospital should be very concerned about a sterile environment inside, I would hope they would be concerned as well about the environment outside," Rice said.

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