On Sept. 11, 1992, six students were shot at an Amarillo high school.

Hunt Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Crystal Dockery was there.

"Six students were shot when there was a law enforcement official there. The shooting still took place; the students were still shot. I still held a student while they bled. I didn't feel unsafe then and it still happened," Dockery said.

Despite having survived the unthinkable, Dockery said she has always felt safe in school.

A vote in her district this past spring, however, may imply that not everyone feels the same way.

In a 4-3 split, the Hunt ISD board of trustees voted to allow teachers to carry concealed handguns on campus.

"It's scary, because you never know what the teachers are thinking," said Hunt parent Diana Garcia.

"I don't think the policy that's implemented -- nor the procedures that are set in place -- would bring any danger toward a student that's here," Dockery said.

Citing safety reasons, Dockery would not disclose how many -- if any teachers -- were already carrying concealed handguns on campus.

She also would not disclose whether the guns are kept in teachers' cars, in their classrooms, or whether they're locked up.

Garcia said she is not on board with teachers having concealed handguns on campus and said as a parent, she believes she has the right to know if there is a gun in her child's classroom.

"I know most of the teachers there and I trust most of the teachers there, but I don't know all of them," Garcia said.

Hunt alum Jane Ragsdale said he thinks having guns on campus is a practical solution, especially in such a gun-friendly town.

"I have a concealed-handgun license, myself, and I think practically everybody who lives out here has guns and uses guns all the time," Ragsdale said.

Dockery said any teacher who carries a handgun on campus will be required to undergo a psychological evaluation, as well as hostage negotiation training, in addition to having a concealed handgun license.

The Defenders called all seven board members for a comment. One chose not to comment, the other six did not return calls.

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