The KSAT 12 Defenders have caught people stealing from a Goodwill donation box with a hidden camera.

The thefts occurred at the Goodwill donation station at Ingram and Loop 410 in the predawn hours on a number of occasions.

One man was caught on camera spending close to half an hour rooting through bags and boxes as car headlights sweep by.

He finally bagged up the stuff he wanted and left. Later, he is seen at a bus stop with his bag beside him.

In another instance, a woman pulls up in a vehicle, puts a bag in the donation box then takes what looks like a laundry basket and a sheet.

An email to the KSAT Defenders described seeing a woman "halfway hanging out of the box, throwing bags out to be loaded in her waiting car."

Lisa Brunsvold, Goodwill’s vice president of Marketing and Development, said it doesn’t matter if the donations are on the outside of the box.

"Yes, I believe that's theft from Goodwill," Brunsvold said.

Brunsvold said Goodwill takes theft seriously. Over the years, their surveillance cameras have caught people shoplifting inside stores.

There have been a number of instances where people were caught on camera outside stores taking donations.

Often, the police are called and arrests are made. "Last year, close to 2,000 attempted thefts, if you will, were stopped in the process,” Brunsvold said. “(And there were) more than 50 arrests."

She said what people donate is sold in Goodwill stores and the money is used to train people and get them into jobs.

She said there would be more training if there was less late night “shopping.”

Goodwill said last year, more than 50,000 people received services from the charity and there were more than 2,100 job placements.

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