Priscilla Barideaux knows a little more than the average homebuyer after working in a title company for years.

She said even she was surprised just how legitimate a deed-processing notice that came in the mail looked not long after she closed on her house.

"It was a form that, basically, looked pretty official, saying that it's important to have a copy of your deed and we will provide the service for a ridiculous amount of money and you can get a copy of your deed," Barideaux said.

Alamo Title Company President Eddie Hall explained there is no need to get a copy of your deed through a private company because deeds are recorded electronically as part of the closing process and then mailed to the new homeowner.

"For us to get you a copy (from) any title company, we're going to get that document to you for free. If you do go to the courthouse and any of the neighboring counties as well, it's about $10 to get a certified copy," Hall said.

A similar notice sent to another homeowner stated the homeowner could get a copy of their deed from the county for a price of "up to $83" -- the same price listed in the rip-off solicitation.

Hall said he sees these offers often, adding they aren't the only types of solicitation he hears about.

"This happens also with the Bexar County Appraisal District in getting exemptions. You'll have companies that'll offer to come out and (fill out a homestead exemption) for you for $50 or $60," Hall said.

In both cases, the work can be done online, free of charge.

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