A CPS Energy employee said Friday he's now a strong believer in the power of karma, after the money he found on the street and subsequently turned in to police was returned to him.

Gus Fernandez and a co-worker were driving down the street when they came across about $2,000 drifting around the street.

So, the pair collected it all and turned it into Leon Valley police, where they said they were told if no one claimed it, it would be returned to them.

Only, that did not happen. Instead, after a few days, the police told Fernandez that they were unable to return the money, as city policy prevented them from doing so.

But a Defenders investigation revealed that no such policy existed, even at the state level.

"I didn't think I'd have to turn to the Defenders to get some help, but I guess I did," said Fernandez. "I would have been totally fine if someone had just misplaced the money and then claimed it, but since no one did, I thought I should get the money back."

On Friday, Leon Valley officials reversed their decision and returned the money to Fernandez.

"I'm just going to pay some bills with my half," said Fernandez, who split the money with his co-worker.

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