Floresville, TX -

Dr. Jerry Lee Hunkapiller, the Floresville ISD Superintendent, will be resigning according to the “Wilson County News.”
The paper quotes Hunkapiller as saying his family wants to get back to North Texas and the resignation is not because of a KSAT 12 news story.
The KSAT 12 Defenders story earlier in June involved a party at the district's bus barn involving a piñata filled with condoms and feminine products.
Hunkapiller was there but later said he did not know what was in the piñata.
Employees called the party highly offensive and extremely unprofessional and an abuse of taxpayers money.
Floresville resident Sue Machost said she did not like the pictures showing the superintendent.
"I think he should be fired,” Machost said. “Or at least make him give some kind of accountability for it."
J.R. Titus, another Floresville resident, questioned the shift in society.
"What does it say about the moral integrity of our culture today,” Titus asked. “That is the question."
Hunkapiller has also been questioned about the district's purchase of two buses from the supervisor of the transportation company hired by the district.
Hunkapiller defended the purchase, saying the district paid $9,000 each for them and that they are worth $23,000 to $25,000 apiece.