Early Tuesday morning the Fourth Court of Appeals granted a stay sought by lawyers representing defense attorney Mike McCrum.

McCrum is facing contempt of court charges for allegedly telling a woman -- a witness in a 2013 intoxication manslaughter trial -- to “disappear for a while.”

The woman was a defense witness whom the state wanted to recall.

The contempt hearing began last week. At that time, McCrum’s lawyers argued that the court had no jurisdiction in the matter and filed a motion with the Fourth Court of Appeals to stay the proceeds.

“This particular court has no jurisdiction over the case because the time as expired,” said McCrum’s attorney, Mark Stevens.

As the hearing was set to reconvene Tuesday, Stevens said, “This morning, the court of appeals agreed that we had raised a -- what they called -- a 'serious question.'”

Now both sides must wait for a ruling on the petition.

“What they’ve done is asked the prosecutors to respond to our petition,” Stevens said. “They’ll do that on or before next Monday and we’ll see what the court of appeals wants to do after that.”

District Attorney Susan Reed opted not to comment on Tuesday’s developments since the matter is on appeal but said she would go along with whatever the appeals court rules.

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