The bulk of questions fielded by Secretary of Defense Charles “Chuck” Hagel during a Town Hall meeting at Brooke Army Medical Center's Center for the Intrepid on Wednesday concerned fears that budget cuts in Washington will hurt members of the military -- concerns Hagel admitted were well-founded.

“We know that that the current set of obligations we have, based on what the projections are out into the future, are most likely unsustainable,” Hagel told the wounded military men and women and the staff at the center.

The work ahead for the administration and Congress, he said, will be difficult.

“Our budget is going down and it’s forcing us all to make some tough choices,” he said.

But her assured them, saying, “We’ll make it work – we’ll fix it – and we’ll do it so it doesn’t hurt.”

Hagel said that he will do all he can to ensure that the commitment to them by the government will continue at the center.

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