"It would destroy my community, so we will use whatever legal means available to us,” said Del Rio Mayor Roberto Fernandez.

Fernandez made that plea after traveling 150 miles to speak to the San Antonio Water System’s board. 

Del Rio City Council members joined him in opposition to a proposal by SAWS that calls for water to be pumped form Val Verde and Kinney counties through a pipeline to San Antonio. 

The project, submitted by V.V. Water Company LLC, is one of three proposals SAWS is considering after narrowing down several submissions of privately funded projects.

"We're still in the process of evaluating all of those proposals and we certainly appreciate the input and feedback from the community of Del Rio,” said SAWS Spokesman Greg Flores.

In this case, threats of legal ramifications may not factor in to SAWS’ decision.

"Our intent behind this entire process was to transfer the risk away from SAWS and to the developer,” said Flores, speaking of the call for privately funded proposals.

Fernandez cited environmental issues as one of the possible legal avenues. 

Currently, Val Verde County does not have a groundwater district. In addition, Fernandez said Del Rio was struggling with a drought, like San Antonio, making water all that more valuable.

"Money is obviously very important, but we can't survive without water,” said Fernandez.

For SAWS' part, a decision on which proposal will be chosen likely won't happen until next year.

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