Local leaders made a final call to those who still haven't filed their 2012 taxes in Bexar County.

Although new tax assessor-collector, Albert Uresti, reported Tuesday tax collection rates are strong, there is still about $19.3 million in delinquent property taxes owed to local governments.

Uresti is asking taxpayers to pay their delinquent taxes before the 2013 are mailed in October.

Overall, San Antonio's taxpayers have done a good job getting their taxes in, with tax collection rates at 97.83%.

"Even though we have an obligation to collect taxes, our goal is to keep families in their homes, especially our senior citizens, our disabled, our veterans, and our children," said Uresti, speaking at the Bexar County Tax Office.

The law firm of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Simpson has mailed 12,920 final notices. The letters advise taxpayers to respond in ten days to the Bexar County tax assessor-collector, as well as the Judson ISD and the City of Alamo Heights.

More than $15.6 million of the $19.3 million in delinquent taxes represents taxes due for the 2012 tax year.

Those who fail to pay their taxes could face legal action that could result in the foreclosure and sale of their property.

Uresti said his office has extended office hours on Wednesdays to 6:30 p.m., in an effort to help working families address their tax or motor vehicle needs.