The three candidates vying to replace Cris Medina on the city council said he lacks leadership.

Michael Gonzalez, Gloria Rodriguez, and Carlos Zaldivar said Medina is out of touch with his constituents’ needs.

“He's not being proactive, he's being reactive,” Gonzalez said.

Gloria Rodriguez filed an ethics complaint against Medina on Thursday accusing him of filing fraudulent and incomplete Personal Financial Statements.

“Whoever is going to be representing District 7 needs to be open, transparent, and honest,” said Rodriguez. “They need to understand that the people's interest has to be foremost in their mind as they make decisions.”

Two of Medina’s highest priorities are public safety and infrastructure.

“Some of the greatest needs are continuing to invest in our infrastructure, which we have been doing through the 2012 bond, and providing a facility for our seniors, he said. “Making sure we have enough police officers on the street is a priority.”

Medina’s challengers said more needs to be done to drive economic development in the district.

Carlos Zaldivar said he will be a champion for entrepreneurs looking to start a small business, and cut through red tape that comes with opening a new business.

“They are the engine of the economy,” he said. “If we do not safeguard their right to be open and open without any problems we're just going to be losing more jobs.

Rodriguez said her 32 years of business experience as president and CEO of Avance will help drive economic development.

“We can do so much around Bandera around the Fredericksburg Road area, continue what’s happening with St. Mary’s University,” Rodriguez said

“I will try to seek out as many people and try to promote my district and just talk about the vision of having green-space, having more shops where people can come together.

Michael Gonzalez believes economic development can only come with a drop in the district’s crime rate.

“You need to address the crime rate or else it trickles down to everything else,” said Gonzalez. “You don’t have the tax base if there’s crime because nobody is buying homes, nobody is bringing business in, businesses will be leaving.”