If the early numbers are an indication, January will reflect a pattern in divorce proceeding filings in Bexar County that District Clerk Donna Kay McKinney has seen for decades.

“We’ll probably easily have 700,” McKinney said.

That figure tracks numbers from 2012, according to records in the clerk’s office.

In January 2012, the number of petitions filed was 725. That compares to just 578 cases filed the previous month.

“I think families don’t want to break up for the kids for Christmas,” McKinney said. “It’s the holiday time.”

The post-holiday numbers continued to soar in 2012, with 934 filed in February and 1,063 in March.

KcKinney said that a recent court ordered e-filing has altered statistic recording but she expects the numbers will continue to trend higher during the first months of 2014.

The fewest number of filings are preceding the holidays in November and December.

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