At My Doctor, a family clinic in the 19000 block of Blanco Road, Dr. Shabaz Yazdani is seeing his door swing open a lot these days with unhappy patients looking for relief.

Seventh-grader Fernanda is a good example. Her mother brought her in after weeks of suffering from itchy eyes and a cough.

She thought it was allergies. The doctor said it was beyond that.

“This is a sinus infection. It's on the left side and so it's putting up a lot of pressure. That's why it hurts and that’s why you have a cough," Yazdani informed the young allergy patient, who will go home with prescriptions for antibiotics and a cough medicine.

He also gives her a lesson in pollen counts, showing how high they are spiking now.

By noon Tuesday, he said he’s seen a number of cases of downright flu, bronchitis, respiratory infections and allergies.

He said the notorious mountain cedar season is in full swing, which may start allergy symptoms, but then get complicated with infections that require a doctor’s care.

“I tell my patients, 'Prevention, prevention, prevention,' which means, 'Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands,'” he advised.

He also says it’s time to see the doctor when your symptoms don’t go away in a few days, noting that the first 48 hours are crucial if you have the flu.

He said patients need to trust their gut, and go to a clinic when they have a fever.

Also, he advised they stay away from crowded events if they don’t want to get caught up in this season of sickness.

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