A Good Samaritan on the city's East Side may have saved a dog the first time, but San Antonio Pets Alive also saved it from certain death by euthanasia after it was found sliced by a train and unable to walk.

The 3-year-old female, now aptly named “Miracle," was found on the tracks on Louisiana Street without a rear leg and a broken tail, as well as lacerations.

Animal Control, working with San Antonio Pets Alive, took the dog to the Callaghan Road Animal Hospital.

Gabriella Uresti, clinic supervisor for Pets Alive, said, “She was just one of those dogs who couldn't walk -- she wasn't able to stand. It was probably from being in shock and being in a lot of pain."

Instead of euthanasia, the staff determined that Miracle was a sweet and strong dog who could possibly have a normal life once the damaged leg and tail were properly amputated.

“Right now, we have her semi-sedated on a pain drip, but even prior to that, she was a well-behaved patient. Unfortunately this happened to her. I'm sure once we get her back on the road to recovery, she'll make somebody a great pet," said Dr. Eduardo Guevara.

He will perform the surgery and feels confident the dog will be fine.

Once the surgery is completed, Miracle’s journey will continue.

“Her future looks great. She needs a foster home, so we are definitely looking for someone who can foster her while she is healing and going through the process of learning how to walk on three legs, but she definitely has a really good spirit. Her future looks really good," said Uresti.

If you are interested in fostering Miracle, or another dog in need of care, you may contact San Antonio Pets Alive at

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