A group of stray or feral dogs injured by a porcupine are now getting help.

Six animals were found in a salvage yard near Somerset Road and Interstate 35 with hundreds of quills stuck in their bodies.

Von Ormy Animal Control took in one of the dogs and Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation took in two more. That is where two other non-profit groups stepped in.

“They were wincing and moaning in pain. A lot of them have horrible quills embedded in their face and their mouth and their tongue,” said Michael Suarez of Von Ormy Animal Control.

Suarez also runs the non-profit “Hope for Dogs” on the side.

His friend, Katie Biggs, who runs her own animal organization called “Katie’s Roadside Rescue,” told Suarez about the animals after she heard about them through a Good Samaritan.

"I mean, the blood… there was no way this dog could eat or drink,” Biggs said.

Suarez and his son were able to trap two of the remaining injured dogs and bring them to the Somerset Veterinary Clinic for treatment.

They are still trying to catch the sixth dog.

On Wednesday, the treated dogs were released from the vet clinic quill-free.

For now, Biggs will take them to her home as they continue their recovery.

“I can hold them for a short time, but I really need to find foster homes or forever homes for them,” said Biggs.

Without a permanent home -- and on top of mounting medical bills topping $500 -- Suarez and Biggs say they’ll need help from the community.

“We want what’s best for the animal, and so does the vet clinic. But they can’t do it for free,” Suarez said. “So it would be nice if we could get donations and foster homes. We're really looking for forever homes for these animals. They’re fine animals.”

To donate, foster or adopt these animals, visit the Facebook pages for Hope for Dogs ( or Katie’s Roadside Rescue ( You can also log onto

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