After looking inside the window of a vacant house for sale Thursday, someone reported seeing five dogs tied up to door knobs with no food or water.

"The inside temperature at the time was 113 degrees," said Kelly Walls, of Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

Walls said the dogs showed signs of heat stroke, including drooling and heavy panting.

However, their owner, Rita Delgado, said she had kept them inside her foreclosed home of 50 years in the 1300 block of Hicks because she had nowhere else to leave them.

Delgado pleaded with Animal Care Services officers, saying, "Don't euthanize my animals. It's not their fault. I rescued them."

Delgado said she had checked on them daily.        

However, after talking with ACS officers, it was learned Delgado had been recently hospitalized.

"We do see she is in need," said Vincent Medley, ACS assistant director.

ACS agreed to take in her three remaining dogs. One had earlier escaped and the owner took back a small chihuahua.

Medley said the dogs would be evaluated and held through next Friday at the ACS facility on Highway 151.

He said hopefully by then, the dogs will be adopted or taken in by a rescue group.

Walls said Homeward Bound Dog Rescue will do its part.

She said, "We're going to network these dogs. Through social media, people will step up to help these dogs."

Delgado said, "I want them to be nurtured, loved, and they know how to give love."

If you are interested in the dogs, call Animal Care Services at 210-207-4PET.

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