A San Antonio man who had to have both his legs and his fingers amputated has not only made it through the road to recovery, he's getting recognized for his optimism throughout the whole process.

On Friday, the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio presented Ian Warshak with the Resilient Heroes Award.

"It's been a tremendous journey," said Warshak. "And I'm so thankful to everyone that's been a part of it. They've helped me in ways I will probably never know the full extent."

In January 2012, Ian Warshak said he got really sick, but he just didn't know how sick until he was diagnosed with a rare form of staph infection.

"I was at my middle son's birthday party and I started to not feel good," he said "I ended up having pneumonia and I went into septic shock."

Warshak was on life support and experienced complete organ failure, but he survived.

However, soon after that, he faced another obstacle.

"A few months after that, I had to have my fingers and my legs amputated," Warshak said. "They were just unusable."

As traumatizing as it was to lose both his legs and his fingers, Warshak worked through the struggles of learning how to walk again and how to hold his children, but through it all, he remained positive.

"I've seen him through various stages towards the end and he has been nothing, but positive," said Dr. Manocha, with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio. "He's impressed me and everyone around him."

Warshak's recovery is still ongoing, but he's already driving and he's training for a half-marathon.

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