A driver is facing criminal charges for allegedly speeding through a school zone and causing a three-car crash on the city’s West Side, then running from the scene.

The crash happened around 7 a.m. Wednesday, just as children were walking through the area on General McMullen near Ruiz Street, heading to a nearby elementary school.

San Antonio police said the man, who is in his mid-20s, had been driving faster than the posted speed limit for the school zone when he noticed a police officer working in the area.

"Even before (the officer) could pull out into traffic, the guy noticed him and went to weaving around, trying to move on out of here," said Sgt. Lloyd Jackel, with the San Antonio Police Department.

The man’s grey Chevy Impala slammed into two other cars which were stopped at a light, police said.

“I just saw a car coming fast through the rearview mirror and it plowed between three of us,” said Derrick Olveda, whose car was hit from behind. “I was the only one in there. Thank God for airbags.”

The impact destroyed the back end of a compact Subaru and knocked off his rear axle.

Karim Atwa, whose car also sustained heavy damage, said he was more concerned about his 5- and 10- year-old sons who were in the vehicle with him.

"I didn't think what to do except look at my kids and then I felt him hitting me from the back so hard,” he said.

In spite of the state in which their cars were left, no one suffered any major injuries.

The driver -- who police believe was at fault in the crash -- did not stay around to find out if they were safe.

Jackel said the suspect ran away, leaving behind his damaged car and his shoes.

Officers found him at a nearby apartment complex and arrested him.

They did not release the name of the suspect right away.

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