Due to the economy and what some say is a lack of convenience, the traffic volume on State Highway 130 has been lower than originally anticipated.

The highway, which opened a new stretch earlier this year, is tolled and connects Interstate 10 just east of Seguin to Austin.

“It’s almost counterproductive," said Ryan Richter, a frequent user of Interstate 35. "You've got to drive so far east to Seguin to get on it."

After many drivers expressed the same feelings as Richter, the SH130 Concessions Company is putting together a plan to change that.

“The challenge in getting more people on it is making it easier for them to get on it,” said Joe Krier with the Concessions Company.

The new plan is to build a connector north of San Antonio so drivers can exit I-35 and reach SH130 more quickly.

People want a faster way," Krier said. "SH130 offers a fast, dependable, predictable way to do that, and if we can give them an early connector, I think a lot of them would choose that option."

"If there were more connections or more options, it would be a lot better,” Richter said.

Krier said they're looking to find a more convenient connector for drivers.

“Make it possible for the San Antonio and Bexar County fold to get on at around New Braunfels,” Krier said.

The first and biggest issue will be how to pay for it, but Krier said once that is figured out, it could be completed in two or three years.

“Definitely, that would make life much easier with three children in the car on a busy day,” said Jennifer Hickman, a driver from San Antonio.

"It would give tens of thousands of people an additional choice," Krier said.

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