A driver who barreled through a backyard fence and crashed into a Northwest Side home in the middle of the night took off without taking responsibility for the damage.

Four people were asleep inside the home on Quail Sky near Silent Sunrise when the vehicle plowed into the back of the home around 3 a.m. Friday.

Stephanie Fothergill said she was startled awake by glass showering down on her.

“I thought, of course, (that) somebody was trying to break in,” she said. “So I ran out and looked at the kitchen door with the patio doors, and a car had actually come through."

Fothergill, along with her twin sister and their teenage sons, all escaped injury. The family shares the home, which they rent.

The home itself was left with a huge hole where a sliding glass door had been. A backyard fence was reduced to splinters.

"It went through the street sign, through the fence and then through our back patio and into the washer and dryer. It almost hit into my bedroom," Fothergill said.

"It scared all of us,” she said. “But the police and the fire department were here right away, and I even had neighbors here within minutes."

Despite the quick response, no one saw more than a shadow of the car that caused all the damage, she said.

Fothergill said thick fog prevented anyone from seeing the license plate, and the car left very few clues behind.

She said she’ll count on insurance to pay for the damage and make repairs.

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