It took the jury just 90 minutes to find David Rodriguez, 31, guilty in the death of 18-month-old Wesley Maspero.

The child was killed when Rodriguez’s SUV crashed into a station wagon occupied the child, his parents and three siblings.

Maspero’s brother, Walter, 3, was also killed.

Rodriguez was being chased by police, who had spotted him leaving a drug house with 419 pounds of marijuana in his SUV.

During closing arguments, his lawyer, Ted Wood, said the police pursuit is what caused the fatal wreck.

“Undercover cops, nervous about maintaining their operation, so nervous that they threw public safety out the window,” he told the jury.

He called the officers “cowboy cops."

“What SAPD did or did not do that day is not a legal defense to this man’s actions,” countered prosecutor Tamera Strauch.

“It’s clear, simple and overwhelming,” Strauch said, “that David Rodriguez caused the death of Wesley Maspero.”

Rodriguez is facing a life sentence in the child’s death.

Charges against him in the death of Walter Maspero -- as well as federal drug charges -- are still pending.

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